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1Do your products contain lactose?
Lactose is the sugar naturally found in milk. During the cheese aging process, the good bacteria feed on lactose, thus eliminating it naturally. This process takes roughly two months. The longer cheese is aged, the less lactose it contains.
2Why are your products animal rennet free?
Because we use only microbial enzymes, none of our products contain animal rennet. The role of microbial enzymes is to coagulate the milk to turn it into cheese.
3What do your cows eat and how are they treated for the purposes of producing certified organic milk?
The cows that produce our organic milk are treated compassionately. They can graze in pastures when the weather permits and are provided with nice, cozy quarters in the barn. What’s more, cows are free to roam around at most organic farms, i.e., they are not tied up. The enclosed pasture is pesticide free and cows are fed 100% naturally. To round out our winning formula, we play soft music in the barn.
4Are your cheeses kosher certified?
All the ingredients that go into the production of La Chaudière cheeses are kosher certified. However, not all our products are kosher certified due to certain constraints (production vs. certification).
5Can cheese be frozen?
Yes, it can be frozen and freezing will not affect the taste. However, freezing may affect the texture and cause cheese to crumble more easily. For the best results, we recommend thawing cheese in the refrigerator one day ahead of time.
6How should cheese be stored after it’s opened?
Remove the original packaging and wrap cheese in aluminum foil, ensuring there are as few air bubbles as possible. Replace the foil following each use. Always store cheese in the coolest section of the refrigerator.
7What are the modified milk ingredients on the ingredients list?

They are simply milk powder, which we add in certain proportions for practical manufacturing purposes, but no chemicals are added.

Health Canada defines it more specifically as any of the following in liquid, concentrated, dry, frozen, or reconstituted form: calcium-reduced skim milk, ultrafiltered milk, and whey, the chemical state of which has been altered or drained in an evaporator to produce powder such that it differs from the chemical state in which it is found in milk. Using modified milk ingredients in cheese manufacturing helps standardize milk and offer consumers a consistent product.

8Is your cheese fresh made?
Yes. All Skouik! Skouik! cheese in block and curd form is produced in the wee hours of the night and distributed to customers early in the morning, up to six days a week.
9Where are you products sold?
All our products are distributed in Quebec, but only our organic products are available in Ontario and Western Canada. To find out where you can buy our products, call our Customer Service Department toll free at 1-800-667-4330 or visit the page "Where to find our products".
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